Экзаменационный материал по английскому языку (группа Астаховой О.Б.)

Examination Cards
Card No.1
1) Speak about Russia and Russian people.
1. Where is Russia situated?
2. What is the natural border between Europe and Asia?
3. What is the longest river in Europe?
4. What is Russia rich in?
5. What do you know about the Russian national flag?
6. Why have its colours always been symbolic?
7. What do you know about the birch tree?
8. What can you say about Russian people?
9. What Russian writers (musicians, composers) are famous all over the world?
10. What discoveries have Russian people made?

2) Read the text about the history of London (the Romans, London Bridge, Part 1, Ex.11, p.130)?

1. When did the Romans come to Britain?
2. What did they build on the River Thames?
3. What did the Romans build in Britain?
4. When did the Romans leave Britain?
5. What has always been part of London’s history?
6. Why did the old London Bridge look very strange?
7. How many bridges are there over the Thames now?

Card No.2
1) Speak about the places to visit in London.

1. What is the heart of London?
2. What was the Tower of London?
3. Who built the Tower of London? When?
4. Why do people keep black ravens in the Tower?
5. Who built St Paul’s Cathedral?
6. How long did it take Sir Christopher Wren to build it?
7. What is the centre of London?
8. What monument is in the middle of Trafalgar Square?
9. What is one of the best picture galleries in the world?
10. Which places would you like to visit in London?

2) Read the text “The Wild West” (Part 2, p.118) and answer the questions:

1. When did the first colonies appear in America?
2. Were all the colonies English?
3. How many colonies were there in America in 1733?
4. Why did Americans begin to fight for their independence?
5. Where did Americans go in the 18th -19th centuries and why?
6. Why did Americans have to wear guns?

Card No.3
1) Speak about Westminster.

1. What is the political centre of London?
2. Where does the British Prime Minister live?
3. What is Whitehall?
4. What is Big Ben?
5. What bridge is near the Houses of Parliament?
6. Where is Westminster Abbey?
7. What is Westminster Abbey famous for?
8. Where does the Queen of England live?
9. What monument is in front of Buckingham Palace?
10. Which places would you like to visit in London?

2) Read the text “Russia in the War of 1812” (Part 2, p.157) and answer the questions:

1. Why was Russia in great danger in 1812?
2. Why was the Russian army moving back at the beginning of the war?
3. Why was the battle of Smolensk terrible?
4. Who became the head of the Russian army?
5. What was the greatest battle in the war of 1812?

Card No.4
1) Speak about hobbies.

1. What is a hobby?
2. Why is collecting stamps interesting? What can you learn when you collect stamps?
3. What is a thematic collection? Are people proud of their collections?
4. What else do people collect?
5. What can you say about such hobbies as reading/travelling/playing musical instruments/gardening/playing sport games?
6. What is your hobby? What are you fond of?
7. What are your parents/brothers/sisters/friends fond of?
8. What hobbies are popular with young people/old people?
9. Why is it good to have a hobby?

2) Read the text “The History of London. The Great Fire of London” (Part 1, p. 137) and answer the questions:

1. What did people build houses of?
2. When was the Great Fire of London?
3. Why did the fire begin?
4. Where did the fire begin?
5. What did people do after the Great Fire?
Card No.5
1) Speak about travelling and transport.

1. Why is travelling popular with people of all ages?
2. What do we enjoy when we travel?
3. What is the fastest way of travelling?
4. What do you have to do if you want to travel by plane?
5. Where can you buy tickets if you want to travel by plane
6. Is it interesting to travel by train? Why?
7. Why is travelling by car very popular nowadays?
8. Do you often go on school trips with your classmates? Describe your last trip.
9. Where did you travel in summer? With whom did you travel? Describe your journey.
10. Where would you like to go?

2) Read the text “Native Americans” (Part 2, p.110-111) and answer the questions.

1. Where did Native Americans come from?
2. How did they travel?
3. Where did they live? What did they eat?
4. What did Native Americans believe in?
5. Where do Native Americans live now?

Card No.6
1) Speak about Thanksgiving Day.

1. When do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day?
2. How do Americans celebrate this holiday?
3. How do they decorate their houses?
4. What food do they prepare?
5. When did the first colonists come to America?
6. What was the colonists’ life like?
7. When did the colonists have their first harvest?
8. Why did the colonists decide to have a special thanksgiving dinner? How long did it last? What did they want to thank God for?
9. Why has the turkey become the symbol of Thanksgiving Day?

2) Read the text “Famous Russian Generals” (Part 2, p.163) and answer the questions:

1. What kind of man was Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov?
2. Why did the soldiers love him?
3. What did he teach his soldiers and officers?
4. What was Michael Kutuzov good at?
5. How long did it take Kutuzov to win the war of 1812 completely?

Card No.7
1) Speak about the discovery of America and the first English settlements in America.

1. What does the word “America” mean?
2. Who discovered America?
3. What do we know about Christopher Columbus?
4. Why did Columbus decide to sail west?
5. What did people begin to call the new continent?
6. When did the first English settlements appear in America?
7. Who came to America in 1620? Where did they come from?
8. How long did the voyage last?
9. What did they set up in America?

2) Read the text “The Russian Capitals” (Part 1, p.152-153) and answer the questions:
1. How old is Moscow?
2. Where is Moscow situated?
3. Who founded Moscow? When?
4. When was Moscow larger than London? Who wrote about it?
5.Who moved the capital of Russia to a new city?

Card No.8
1) Speak about American Symbols.

1. What is the American flag called?
2. What can you say about the American flag (its colour, fifty stars, thirteen stripes)?
3. Where can you see the American flag?
4. Which country gave the Statue of Liberty to America as a symbol of friendship? When did it happen?
5. Where is the Statue of Liberty?
6. What is the official symbol of America? Can you describe it?
7. What is “The Star-Spangled Banner”?

2) Read the text “Walt Disney’s World” (Part 2, p.70-71) and answer the questions:

1. Why is Walt Disney famous all over the world?
2. When did he begin to draw pictures?
3. What famous character did he create?
4. What could Mickey Mouse do?
5. What is Disneyland? Where is it?

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